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A Distributist Primer

Frequently asked questions about distributism: http://distributistreview.com/mag/test-2/

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Before St Andre Rublev painted his masterful Holy Trinity icon, there was a long tradition of painting the image of the hospitality of Abraham. Here is an early Russian example. St Andre’s genius was in finding the trinitarian essence in the prototype.

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It Could Get Funny…or not

Several other positive things about a Trump presidential candidacy have occurred to me, all of them comical.

First, imagine Donald Trump debating Sarah Palin in the primaries.

And as no candidate can escape being outdoors at some point, aren’t you curious about how his HAIR will behave on a windy day?

Finally, think about Donald Trump wooing religious conservatives. Even funnier than Newt “Mr Catholic” Gingrich doing so with wife #3 in tow.

Oh, that’s right, Mr Gingrich ┬áhas pulled it off, appearing at Franciscan University to much applause.

Maybe this won’t be so funny after all.

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