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This was an experiment, to see if I can figure out how to post images. It worked! I will be posting new icons as I paint them; this one is a couple of years old.

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In keeping with my good resolution to revive this site, I am going to be doing more links as well as broadening the discussion. I always wanted this blog to be more like the old magazine, with numerous contributors, but alas, it is pretty much me. So in the future it is going to be more like a “normal” blog, and probably have fewer long essays.

One common theme in the old Caelum et Terra journal was the continuity between certain elements of the old counterculture and our Catholic faith. We did not demonize the 60s; while we are well aware of the problems of that time- having been heartbroken by them- we also experienced the great grace of longing, which led us to rekindled faith in Christ and to living the sacramental life. Indeed, many of the better lights of the counterculture came from the intuition that creation was sacramental, charged with the glory of God.

This tune, by the eclectic Incredible String Band, epitomizes what I mean by that. I know my spiritual journey began when I first articulated the half-remarkable question, when I was around fourteen….

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