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As far as I know this is  the only extant footage of G.K. Chesterton.

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Even Stupider

I mentioned last week, in my post on partisanship, that it looks like the body politic is going to get stupider and stupider.

And, apparently even stupider: I read this morning that Donald Trump is hinting that he may run for president. He did this at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Apparently the audience went wild.

I will use great self-restraint as I comment on this. It is tempting to go on about the state of what Mark Shea calls “the thing that used to be conservatism”, or the very many ways that Mr Trump is unqualified to hold the office. It would be too easy to mock. I won’t do it, but I will probably not be able to resist posting Tom Tomorrow’s inevitable cartoon when it is published.

But after my initial, appalled reaction, there was a second one, that this might be a good thing, and in fact every election ought to offer a candidate so absurd that only a fool would vote for him or her; sort of like siphoning the Stupid Vote right off the top.

But then I thought “What if he wins?”

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