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Music by Bishop Hilarion

Metropolitan Hilarion is most impressive; I expect great things from this relatively young man. Here is some of his sacred music, with images from Russian and Alaska.


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An Imperialist Repents

The Immorality of Empire by Nicholas Kramer — Antiwar.com.

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The Serbian Saint and Gandhi

St Nikolai Vlimirovich on Gandhi, from the Orthocath blog: st nikolai

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The interior of the church of the Serbian Orthodox Monastery of New Grananica, in Illinois. The iconography is by Father Theodore Jurewisc. For more on the monastery, see the blogroll…

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Iconography Workshop

This is a video from one of my iconography workshops; by chance the reporter came while I played the one Gregorian chant CD of the session (we listen to sacred music throughout, generally Eastern). The young boy, by the way, is my son Joseph…This year’s workshop is the first week of August, at St George Romanian Byzantine Cathedral, in Canton, Ohio….

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A Joke for Monday

A government worker, a CEO and a Tea Partier are sitting at a table. On the table are twelve cookies. The CEO reaches over and grabs eleven cookies. He takes a bite, looks at the Tea Partier and says “Watch out for that government fella; he wants a part of your cookie.”
(Thanks to Will Horton!)

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