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Everything Is Relative

everything is relative

except the Absolute

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Quit Talking



quit talking

to yourself

out loud


or inside your head


quit talking

to people

who are not there


out loud


or inside your head


if you must talk

talk to god


or speak in poetry


out loud


or inside your




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Greed is Love.

I do not often visit the Acton Institute’s website, but when I do I always find something really really stupid:

The idea that capitalism has anything to do with anything but the love of money, which St Paul says is….  well, you know, is beyond absurd. I could not endure watching more than a few minutes of this but skipping ahead I saw the part about capitalists really trying to make the world a better place and the notion that somehow greed equates Eros…

And to think that there are actonistas who find this inspiring….

And if this does not confirm the proverb ‘Never trust a man in a bowtie’ then I do not know what would.

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