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Resolution Delayed


I do not usually make New Year’s resolutions; resolutions are for the beginning of Great Lent, when I have actually had some success at keeping them. Oh, not all of them; what would Lent be without the humiliating knowledge of one’s weakness? But generally I manage to keep one or two of my many ambitious resolutions.

But this year I made a New Year’s Resolution: I would write or link something on this neglected blog at least once a week. That was over a month ago. Humiliation isn’t just for Lent anymore.

Not that I have been lazy; the time since my last post has been full. A baby, our seventh, was born on my bride’s birthday, November 6. We named him William John Maximos, a big name for a small boy. He is the namesake of my great great great grandfather, William John Nichol –the “s” was added by his son, we know not why- who emigrated from Ulster in 1812, and who had his 22nd child at the age of 70, for those who think I am too old for this sort of thing (he died at the age of 87, so he saw that child grow to adulthood). Not that I aspire to 22, mind you. And old William John outlived- or wore out- two wives. One wife in a lifetime is enough for me, and I mean that in a good way.

And I have caught up with my backlog of icon commissions; I was five behind when you last heard.

Too, I have had some health issues, and am currently off work for a while. Your prayers are appreciated.

But better late than never: in the event that anyone still checks out this blog, once so lively, I am going to try to be a more faithful blogger (yuck; I still hate the term). I may write very brief opinions, or just link to something else, but hopefully this site will not languish any longer. To that end, I have learned how to post things directly instead of having to send everything to Maclin. That I, technically challenged as I am, have learned to do this, albeit with a 13 year old tutor, has filled me with a sense of accomplishment. My first time posting was the Tom Tomorrow cartoon earlier today. I know, he is at  times a strident lefty, but most of the time he is pretty spot on. To those of us who do not think Right or Left has a monopoly on insight or good will ol’ Tom is nearly always a source of  irony and insight and a good laugh..

Better a delayed resolution than no resolution, I say;  pray that I will not backslide on my good intentions.

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