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Hubris and Impiety

Very fine musings from Jerry Salyer: 


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Beyond Satire

I wrote last week of the rise of partisanship, which eclipses all thought. It has gotten so bad that it would be challenging to be a writer of political satire; I mean how can you top reality?

A case in point: Sarah Palin criticizing Michelle Obama for promoting breastfeeding.

The first things I learned about Sarah Palin, when she suddenly appeared on the national scene, was that she was the mother of many children, a homeschooler, and a member of Feminists for Life. So my initial reaction to her was positive.

Then she opened her mouth.

And she hasn’t shut it since. The irony of a homeschooling mom who calls (or called) herself  a prolife feminist denouncing someone for pushing breastfeeding is beyond satire.

Of course I am sure that the critics will insist that what they are criticizing is governmental involvement in such a personal issue, like tax credits for breast pumps. Oddly, these same critics have no problem with tax credits for corporations, or tax breaks for the rich.

And poor Michelle Obama; she no doubt thought that starting a campaign for breastfeeding would be even less controversial than the one she began for better childhood nutrition. But she underestimated her opponents. She could come out in favor of clean underwear and brushing your teeth and get flack for it.

There are substantive criticisms of this administration to be made, but they will not be heard if the opposition insists on making itself  look stupid.

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