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All is not Dark

Some good things are happening, even in Detroit ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLQVflF9foM

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My Son, the Platonist

We are eating pizza with our friends the Rylands. But the word “pizza” does not do justice for what they have created: they have an outdoor brick oven, and what emerges defies description. There is a crispness to the crust and a freshness that you cannot duplicate in any other way. It is the sort of food that makes you hate it when you are full and can eat no more.

I say to one of the chefs, “This is absolutely the best pizza I have ever eaten.”

My son Michael, who is five, pipes up, “This is really good pizza, but it’s not as good as GOD”S PIZZA!”

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St Basil on Justice

From the Orthodox Peace Fellowship: http://www.incommunion.org/2010/11/24/the-social-doctrine-of-st-basil-the-great/

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