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Sam’s Progress

kenneth D Dowdy

The doctor today said that Sam is doing well. One large area on the baby’s chest that he was worried about healed well, but there are still several smaller spots on his belly, leg, and arm that may need surgery. They are going to change his dressings daily and assess his progress. The worst possible outcome, at this point, seems to be some scars in places only seen when more or less undressed. So thank God for that. What is hard on a parent is seeing your baby wrapped in bandages and suffering. And the poor little boy has already been through so much in his short life.

I sometimes only believe that God is good and loves us because Jesus told us that, and Jesus taught us the Way to live in peace in the Sermon on the Mount, which those who say they love Him generally ignore or explain away.  And He lived the perfect life and suffered and died and rose triumphant.

So Jesus has credibility.

So I do thank the God who loves us (because Jesus told me so) that Sam’s injuries are not worse, that the scalding tea missed his face, and that my union job means that I will be paid while I stay home during the time it takes for his healing.

While my life, with one income and eight kids, more resembles that of the working poor than that of my comfortable two income two kid coworkers, it is so much easier than the lives of most of the people in my neighborhood, who would lose money for every day they missed work and probably be fired if it went on for more than a week if this happened to their child.

Lord have mercy.

And God damn.

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