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Sam’s Good Day

Photo 9

I just got back from the hospital. Sam’s bandages are mostly off, and the doctor says that he will not need surgery and he may be able to come home Friday.

Sam acted more like himself today than he has for the past week. He was animated, and the nurse said we could take him for a walk. So we went to the lobby by the main entrance, where he watched the ‘ball machine’, a Rube Goldberg-style contraption that has a lot of little balls moving through a complex moving maze. And Sam and I rode the glass elevator up to the eighth floor and back a few times. He giggled when he saw his mommy far below waving. Then we went outdoors, where he wandered through the landscaped grounds, picking up acorns and watching the numerous chipmunks.

And he growled (Sam growls).

His burns look horrible, but he is healing well.

I can’t wait for my bride and my baby to come home.

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