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Sam Falls in Love

Spent the day in the hospital with Sam and his mom. A doctor came in after they had changed his bandages to tell us that there are two places, on his thigh and on his arm, where the burn appears deep. We will know for sure on Monday if he will need surgery.

Sam, who is usually happy and rowdy, has been subdued with the pain medication. He will smile weakly and play for short spells, but mostly he nurses and sleeps. He has been wary of the nurses until a young nurse with pretty eyes came in. As soon as he saw her he smiled, and then he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. He gazed at her with a sweet smile, like he was in love, and cried a little when she left the room. And she was so good with him, clearly someone who loves babies. Like I said, everyone at Akron Children’s Hospital has been great, with Sam and the many other times our kids have been there. If you work there you love children and see them suffer daily. It is a No Asshole Zone. But this young nurse was, even in this environment, extraordinary.

Me, I spend most of my time trying not to cry for my poor baby.

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