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Me, I Am Not Charlie


I have never felt compelled to choose sides when two assholes hate each other. I wrote about it here nearly ten years ago, in an essay entitled ‘Jihad vs Pornocracy’, in which I declared my neutrality in the war between fundamentalist Islam and western decadence. I have seen no reason to change my mind since.

If you are feeling nostalgic, that essay can be read here:


It also occurs to me that Christians and post-Christian Europeans getting self-righteous about the evils of violent strains of Islam need a reality check. It was only four hundred years ago, a blink of an eye, historically, that Protestants and Catholics were killing each other. The Vatican State executed its last criminal in 1870.

Here is a list of people executed by the Vatican:


And of course it should be born in mind that if anyone printed a cartoon of the Persons of the Blessed Trinity anally sodomizing one another (one of the Charlie cartoons I saw) they would have met a bad end in most Catholic states until fairly recent times.

It is one thing to oppose violence. It is quite another to react to violence with violence and hate and self-righteousness.

Lord have mercy.

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