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Christmas Break



Okay, I haven’t written anything here for a week. That is not because I have become so apophatic that I have chosen to just shut up, though I may come to that point.

Nor is it for lack of ideas. All I can do these days is sketch. Someday I may be able to flesh it all out, but not now.

Of course the simplest explanation for my recent silence is the most obvious: I am a mailman and this is the Christmas season, which means a lot of overtime work, just as time becomes most needed. I mean Christmas is four days away and we have done not a bit of gift shopping. I have Tuesday off, and I must get it all done then. I don’t like to wait until the last minute like this but did not have the money to shop until this last pay check, with all the overtime on it.

There are other explanations, but I will not go into them. Maybe not for a few years, when I have some perspective on this very strange, trying and beautiful time.

So for now I am taking a break.

May your celebration of the Nativity be blessed, in spite of all that militates against celebrating God’s birth.

Painting by Bradi Barth

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