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You probably have seen the video of the Tamir Rice shooting, shocking enough. That clip shows a police cruiser pulling up to a young boy and promptly shooting him dead. No warning, no commands to put his hands up, nothing:

If this cop is not indicted for murder on the basis of the video clip alone I will understand if Cleveland burns.

What makes it more heartbreaking is the longer version of the park surveillance video, which very clearly shows a kid playing with a toy gun. Here it is, along with the 911 call:

Oh, but the boy’s gun did not have an orange tip on it, the scared white people say.


So shoot me. Boys of my generation would all be dead, justly, according to the right.

But I want you to imagine a video similar to this. Maybe not in a park but in a WalMart parking lot or a busy street. And instead of a 12 year old black kid, imagine this guy:


You know, an adult white person with a real gun. Imagine a cruiser pulling up and shooting him within seconds, as they did young Tamir.

Imagine the reaction from the same people who defend even the Cleveland Police when they kill black males.

No, of course not. It is not about race.

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