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The Option


Doesn’t Rod Dreher really want The Eggs Benedict Option, where all the Special Christians go off and have church and eat gourmet food?

I know, it is a derivative idea, this notion that the enlightened ought to remove themselves from the corrupt world, one I articulated twenty years ago. And it was derivative then, rooted in an earlier tradition of Catholic Worker farms and Little Ditchling and Graham Carey and the Distributists.

I have long since become convinced that any group of modern Christians that does anything like that will end up creating a disaster. Nor do I believe that is the strategy that is laid out in the documents of Vatican II, which when all is said and done and the last contemporary traditionalist and the last modern modernist are long gone will remain the blueprint for the Catholic Church for the foreseeable future.

And besides, the original Benedict never thought he was retreating to the wilderness to ‘transform western civilization’ or save the world or whatever.

He just wanted to be alone with God.

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