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Okay, I am wondering about something.

This site has not had a comment for almost two weeks.

I understand that I have lost a lot of readers since I got excommunicated from the RCC.

No, not the Roman Catholic Church, which I expect to remain in communion with until my death. I mean the Real Catholic Club, which has decided, apparently, that I am no longer a member. The Roman Catholic Church is not, and has rarely been, in any hurry to excommunicate anybody. And I have not, to my knowledge, denied any dogmatic truth that the Church teaches. Not that that is any protection from the vigilantes.

I do have access to the statistics from this site, and I know I have a core of consistent readers. I know that maybe my new experiential apophatic musings have a limited audience.

But it also occurs to me that maybe there is some technical problem with the comments. I know that some of you are also in touch with me on Facebook. If you have tried to comment and have been unable, let me know.

But maybe my existential theologizing has a limited audience.

Enlighten me, please.

Photo by Ritva Kovalainen.

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