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Perfect Pop

oleta adams

No, I am not big on pop music. But I always liked what I had heard of the 80s band Tears for Fears, even if I always got them mixed up with Crowded House. They did sing the very great song “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”.

So when I saw one of their CDs at a garage sale recently I scooped it up. It is all pretty nice, but this song really stands out. It is everything that a great pop song should be: intricate, tight, with great vocals. Indeed, I looked up the woman who sings with the band on this album, Oleta Adams,  as my daughter is an aspiring vocalist and is always looking for inspiration. But alas, in everything else I found she was, as they say, singing every note like it is her last.

People with powerful voices need to learn restraint. That is where the power is. But in this song she is perfect:

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