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I have recently been writing here about humans and their freedom and their fate. I concluded that in the End the incomprehensible Being we call ‘God’ gives everyone exactly what they want, that what we call ‘hell’ is really just the cosmic Asshole Corner, where God just gives up and leaves the assholes of the universe alone.

The problem with this: how can one say one is a near-universalist, expecting all but a very few to make it, when to all appearances there are lots of assholes in the world? Doesn’t that mean that many will perish? And if many perish how can God be considered good, or even competent as a redeemer?

Simple: most assholes are not malevolent. They are scared. Or scarred. Or angry.

Even as a small child I learned that sins of weakness are not as bad as sins of malice. It is pretty clear to me that those who act badly out of woundedness will embrace mercy when that-which-we-call-God reveals himself/herself/itself/themselves as pure Love.

Basically, all the poor who are assholes will find God.

As for the rich assholes: well, Jesus did say “Woe to you rich.”


Art: “The Rich Man and Lazarus”, by John Everett Millais

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