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Discovering the Root


Rusted Root in the 90s.

The other day I came across a yard sale on my route. As I do when I have the time, I stopped to check it out. And found a bunch of CDs for $1 each, from the collection of someone whose taste is as eclectic as mine. So I walked away with Rachmoninov, Miles Davis, BB King, Natalie Merchant.

And two by Rusted Root.

It embarrasses me to report that while I considered this band to be ‘new music’, as I first heard of them on the far side of forty, these albums are twenty years old. But all I had heard was their one minor hit ‘Send Me On My Way’ and ‘Ecstasy’, which got some airplay on the alternative station.

But the first album, When I Woke, from  1994, is fresh sounding, and, well, new to me. Although ‘jam bands’ have a notoriously difficult time capturing the energy of a live performance, this studio album makes it abundantly clear why Rusted Root is famed as a good concert band.

I was most taken with this song:

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