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Icon of All Saints of Holy Rus

It is heartbreaking; Slavic Christianity has created among the most beautiful expressions of Christian faith in history: musically, iconographically, architecturally, and not least, in the lives of its saints. Yet two Slavic Christian peoples, heirs of Rus one and all, indistinguishable to any but themselves, speaking mutually intelligible ‘languages’ (in truth dialects), worshipping in the same rite, eating the same foods, more or less, drinking the same vodka, are again killing one another. A thousand years of Christianity, and this is what we get?

We may grant intrigue from the West, the conniving of Putin and the marks of history, but this is just sad.

And meanwhile, belligerent  Americans of a familiar type are chomping at the bit.

By my calculations, if John McCain had been elected in 2008, we would be on World War V by now.

No fan of Obama’s, but let us thank God that John McCain is not our president:


And, dear God, that Sarah Palin is not a heartbeat away from being president:

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