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Palm Sunday


* God has a perfect plan for your life. But it is as incomprehensible as He Is.

* Human constructs can illuminate or veil reality. Worse, many of the illuminative ones, even the ones not planted by human hands, can become veils and usually do.

* Any ‘theology’ that believes that most humans are going to suffer for all eternity is not worthy of consideration, for the ‘God’ it portrays is not worthy of worship: a total failure and cruel, too.

* In fact, the holy Being we call ‘God’ sets a very low standard. If that is not true, if most people are hell-bound, I might as well give up. And so should you, if you possess any self-knowledge at all.

* Fortunately, we can look at the ones he has chosen in sacred history and see how condescending ‘God’ is: aside from His Mother, it is  a collection of knaves and knuckleheads. Which should give us hope. Universalism? Not quite; one must leave room for human freedom, even the craziest kind that would reject Love for Self, even when that Self, by the choice, is reduced to a cold hard turd of a thing.

* In fact, if that most noxious of theologies, Calvinism, is true, we may as well ‘curse God and die’, for not only is He worthy of a curse, but we are without hope.

* Oh, except for the ‘elect’. Who are in for one Hell of a surprise.

* When I was younger I thought I was born in the wrong age. This is not an uncommon thing for romantics. And I did not like ‘modern’ science when I was in school; whatever Einstein was doing, high school science when I was a kid in the 60s was rationalist and mechanistic, and ran entirely against the mythopoetic approach to reality that came naturally to me. And anthropocentric: the assumption was that Man was about to conquer the natural world, make it sit up and beg. Not now; science if anything reveals a universe infinitely more mysterious and intricate than ever we could have imagined. And ultimately more beautiful and incomprehensible and, well, humbling. The age of scientism is over, as mysticism and science merge more and more.

* Meanwhile, ‘traditionalist’ Catholics have produced a documentary, by splicing together segments of interviews with physicists, taken out of context, promoting …. geocentrism.

* Me, I had another half-fast Lent. I am no longer a super Catholic, let alone a super Byzantine Catholic. I observed only the minimal ecclesial ‘fast’, like the average Catholic that I am.

* But I have three teenagers (four, if you count my precocious 11 year old, Maria), and that is plenty of penance, thank you. Plus, I just went through a five month period of intense physical deprivation. It was called ‘the worst winter ever’. What? It was imposed, not willed? So are all the best fasts.

* For what it is worth, I have pondered my sinfulness more this Lent than I ever did when I was observing all the traditional ascetic rules. Whole days I have spent walking around, realizing that I have been an ungrateful asshole more often than not, and full of pride to boot. And I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut when I should, engaging in fruitless arguments and general smartassedness.

* ‘Oh Lord and Master of my life, keep from me the spirit of indifference, despondency, lust for power and idle chatter. Instead, give to your servant the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love. My Lord and King, give me the grace to be aware of my sins, without judging my brothers and sisters. For You are blessed, now and forever, unto ages of ages. Amen.’

* A blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week to all….

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