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Shi’a women praying.

Rod Dreher, on March 3:

“Because I brought you the story yesterday of the Associated Press’s release of a photo falsely giving the impression that a group of conservative Christian kids in Texas were giving the Nazi salute, and the grossly irresponsible tweet religion reporter Cathy Lynn Grossman sent out accusing the kids of Sieg Heil-ing…. how about some soul-searching about what prejudices caused her to immediately interpret that image as a Hitler Youth for Jesus icon.”

The same Rod Dreher, in 2006, featured in his now-defunct “Crunchy Con” blog a photo of Shi’a Muslims with one arm raised. The title of the post was “How Do You Say ‘Sieg Heil” in Arabic?” and he waxed eloquent on the subject of “Islamofascism”.

Turns out that raising one arm like that is a traditional Shi’a gesture of prayer, not unlike those used by Protestant Pentecostals.

There was no apology for this distortion, ever.

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