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What We Really Need…

….in a winter like this is surf music! From Australia, no less, and note the letter carrier on the far left:

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Even extreme weather has its beauties.

Yesterday morning it was 15 degrees below zero as I left for work. There was a thin crescent of a waning moon in the eastern sky, and somehow it seemed more stark and vivid in the subzero cold, its beauty enhanced.

I had been dreading the day since I first heard the forecast last weekend: high of minus 3, windchill of 25 below. I dressed for it: wool vest over my shirt, down vest over my sweater, heavy parka, long johns, and hand warmers in my gloves and boots, and one over my heart. I braced myself and started the route.

And it wasn’t that bad. The high temperature was around zero, but the sun was shining and there was no wind at all. I remembered from my Michigan childhood that there is little difference between 10 degrees and 20 below if there is no wind. And there is about 4 inches of snow on the ground, and walking is more strenuous, so I warmed quickly. At one point I even took off my parka.

So this thing that I had been dreading turned out to be not to be so difficult in actuality. Not something I would want to do everyday, but not horrible either.

There is a lesson there…

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