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Play Banjo, Sing


I have been intending for some time to write a post about the decline of American radio. I have not had time to do the topic justice; suffice it to say that after all the independent FM stations (ie, “underground stations”) had been devoured by corporate radio the only oases were college radio stations.

And judging by what I hear in this part of Ohio, these too have pretty much bitten the dust: the student DJs of the College of Wooster’s ┬áradio station, once the source of a lot of good and new music, now play mostly pop and the ruder sorts of hip hop.

And when student DJs are not around, the thing reverts to the worst sort of canned music from God knows what corner of the corporate radio universe.

But tonight I tuned in to hear a couple of students, one a boy and the other a girl, hosting a music show, and they seemed musically smart and witty in a dry college sort of way.

The young woman offered this wry description of the music of Mumford and Sons: “It’s like play banjo, sing, play banjo slow, sing soft, play banjo fast, sing loud, play banjo, sing.”

Which pretty accurately describes every Mumford song I have heard.

And she offered this ┬átune by Bear’s Den as an example of superior Banjo Folk Pop:

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