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Today, while delivering mail, I noticed an ad for the Ohio Lottery in the DPS.

(DPS is “delivery point sequence” mail, sorted and ordered by computer. This has made my job ever so much more pleasant; while we once spent up to four or five hours in the office sorting mail, now it is more like one and a half or two hours indoors, with the rest outside).

The lottery ad was not anything close to full coverage; just scattered here and there.

When I got to the one subsidized housing development on my route though, every single address received an ad.

I have spoken before in defense of the logic of the poor buying lottery tickets, however stupid it may appear, given the odds: “Of course the odds are astronomically against a big win. But they are astronomically against whoever in fact scores the winning ticket too. It could be me.”

But the State knows the odds; knows full well that what it is doing is preying on the hopes of the hopeless, that it in fact is taking far more from the poor than it will ever deliver to them.

Insidious, absolutely insidious.

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Remember This Guy?

I dunno; was he assassinated or something? Maybe a double substituted?

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