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Meg And Her Sisters

Yesterday I posted a video of the phenomenally talented Meg Rubin. It turns out she is hardly the only talent in the family. This is a video of Meg and two of her sisters, as remarkable as her solo tune. Both of these songs were composed by Meg Rubin…

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Just Wow

I have learned a lot on Facebook.

Like all those tests that people post. I have learned that I am 78% right brained, which is probably why I feel a bit out-of-kilter, and why I am a little too perceptive, which makes me uncomfortable in social situations too often.

And I learned that my mental age is 28, which sounds precisely right.

And I have learned that it is futile to argue with idiots and ideologues.

But I have also learned that there is an unheralded huge talent loose in the world, in the person of one Meg Rubin.

I learned this from a FB post by her aunt, Maria Garvey O’Grady, whom I dated briefly in the early 90s. Indeed, I believe that I met Meg, who is in her mid-twenties,  when she was a small child, as we had visited her family.

Meg Rubin’s father is Jewish, a convert to Catholicism, and her mother is NYC Irish, and Meg’s amazing voice, with such depth and range, is a testament to what can happen when two such gifted tribes merge.

 I am just stunned…

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