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And believe me, if Michael Novak says that this mistitled book is the definitive work on the economic teaching of the modern popes, you can be sure that it….is the definitive reiteration of Michael Novak’s attempts to distort Catholic social teaching.

The priest who wrote this book, Fr Zieba, OP, of course, has a long association with Novak. He was instrumental, with Novak, Weigel, and the late Fr Neuhaus, in introducing neoconservative thought in Poland, hosting, at his Dominican friary, an annual conference promoting free market capitalism.

But I cannot say it better than this Pole, who posted this brilliant piece, which is the brief but definitive work on Polish Catholicism and capitalism:


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I am so happy that amidst the various devastations of the 21st century good American string music continues to find new acolytes. This is from a Michigan band, thanks to my nephew (and friend) Brad Baughman, an organic farmer and graduate student in East Lansing.

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