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Pray for Paul


I first met Paul Tish when he took an iconography class I taught several years ago. He is around 10 years younger than me, which would make him about 50 now.

I have never had a better, or more gifted, student. His first icon looked like the work of someone who had written icons for years. Paul is among the handful of my students who went on to become accomplished iconographers.

The class was held the first week in August, during the Dormition fast, and Paul, an Orthodox Christian, was fasting, as was I, so we ate together at a small Asian restaurant that had a lot of vegan dishes.

And so we became friends (even though he is a libertarian).

Yesterday surgeons removed a baseball-sized tumor from Paul’s colon. He is in the hospital, in much pain, awaiting the results of the biopsy.

Please pray for Paul, for his complete recovery.

Dostoyevsky said that the world will be saved by beauty. Paul, with his iconography and other art, contributes much to the sum total of beauty in the world. We all need him and his gifts.

Lord, have mercy.

(Icon by Paul Tish)…

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