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I have been looking carefully at the trees on my route. Only a couple of them rival the size Рor the age- of the black oak that was felled a couple of weeks ago. It may well have been the largest tree on the route, and one of the largest in  town, though I think that my quote from the guy on the tree crew, who said that the stump was fifteen feet across, cannot be true; I must have misunderstood.

I do take comfort in knowing that the size of a tree above ground is replicated below, in the root system. The oak lives on, for now, underground, sleeping. I know that silver maples and willows do not die easily, that if the roots remain shoots will soon sprout. I don’t know if oaks are like that, but I will be watching for green in the spring.

Besides the large sugar maple felled by the same owner and the three smaller maples felled last week I saw Saturday that three medium-sized cedars had been cut down nearby, along with six small pines.

Something is clearly infecting Wooster.

I’m thinking an epidemic of Orc Fever…

Art by Michelle Dick

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