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Okay, I will restrain myself. But Rod Dreher’s recent invitation to readers of his blog to post shots of their dinner has reaped the whirlwind:


Which makes me think of something CS Lewis once said:

If anyone says that sex, in itself, is bad, Christianity contradicts him at once. But, of course, when people say, “Sex is nothing to be ashamed of,” they may mean “the state into which the sexual instinct has now got is nothing to be ashamed of.” If they mean that, I think they are wrong. I think it is everything to be ashamed of. There is nothing to be ashamed of in enjoying your food: there would be everything to be ashamed of if half the world made food the main interest of their lives and spent their time looking at pictures of food and dribbling and smacking their lips.

Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate good food, I really do. But is there anything more insufferable than bourgeois Christianity?

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John Tavener, the English composer, a convert to Orthodoxy, has died, at the age of 69. May he rest in peace, with the angels and saints…

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Two Cards

Last Wednesday was my bride’s birthday, and also the birthday of our wonderful three year old, Will. Here is a card that Maria, who is ten, made for them:


And here is mine:

00001Click for a clearer image…

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