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Autumnal Ephemera

  • The chimes that rang with no wind (see August 26 ’13 in the archives) are gone. I stopped on Saturday, when the owner was home, to ask him if he removed them because they were haunted. He said no, and was amused by my story. He just said that they kept him awake at night.
  • I have not painted in about two months. I figured I would have some time when I stayed home after Sam’s birth; I usually take two weeks off work,  and while the first is hectic, the second allows for some leisure. But becausePeach Tree (Autumn) – Van Goghthis birth was so intense and my bride so worn out not only did I end up taking a month off (with pay, thank God and the Union) but there was not a moment of rest. I had hoped to work on an icon I began ages ago today, my day off, but this fussy baby put a damper on that, and I ended up running the two homeschooled children up to North Canton to  a classical co-op they have been attending, and hanging out in the local library….
  • My recently acquired car -I hesitate to call something with 159,000 miles on it “new”- has a CD player, so I have been listening to some music I haven’t heard in years. And while I think Dylan, his voice having blown its last gasket years ago, has slipped into a rather formulaic mode -tight band, classic American music- I have a new appreciation for his early stuff, which was pretty breathtaking. And funny: there is a song on Bringing It All Back Home  called “On the Road Again”, that starts out “Woke up this morning there were frogs inside my socks” and has the great line “So they gave me brown rice, seaweed and a dirty hot dog”. Which is the photo I want to send to Rod Dreher’s blog, as he has asked readers to send him pictures of their dinner (!), which so far has resulted in a lot of intimate shots of bourgeois life…
  • So the Democrats are all breathless about Wendy Davis running for Texas governor? Listen, the woman made her name agitating for absolutely no restrictions on abortion at any stage. Polls show that most Americans reject that stance, feeling sympathy for babies when they start to look like babies (there is a reason that prolife groups generally show late-term fetuses). Getting all excited about someone that far from the mainstream is about as stupid as the Tea Partiers thinking that shutting down the government in a hissy fit was a good idea. Dumb Evil Party, meet Evil Dumb Party.
  • Speaking of prolifers, they need to change their tone. It is safe to say that absolutely no late term abortions are performed on a whim, because the mom suddenly decided that 6 or 8 months into the thing that she doesn’t want a baby. It is always serious: birth defects, or a prognosis of a short and painful life. That does not make it right, but to not acknowledge this makes one look callous and foolish. Similarly, early abortions are not a recreational activity. Few abortions are not accompanied by the tears of the mother. Prolifers who ignore this are not going to convince anyone of anything. Again, the fact that this “choice” is a painful one, not a casual one, does not make abortion right, but I have been increasingly finding “prolifers” annoying, and not just because of their inconsistencies in endorsing GOP social and foreign policy.

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