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Columbus Day, 2013


Columbus, the Western myth


Columbus, the Native reality (woodcut based upon the accounts of Columbus’ atrocities by Fr Bartolomeo de Las Casas, OP).

I will join the Knights of Columbus when they change their name to “The Knights of Las Casas”. (http://theoatmeal.com/comics/columbus_day) A bit over the top, but essentially true…

Certainly, whatever excuses one may find for Christopher Columbus, he is not a worthy hero for Catholics, or other Christians.

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Big Mac


I know, it’s not a Mac, but this about sums it up…

As you know, a few weeks back a very generous reader gave me a laptop, a MacBook.

Everyone who knows about these things told me how easy a MacBook was to use, but for the first week I couldn’t get it to do much of anything I needed: if I tried to post something the search engine, Safari, would shut down. Ditto for editing anything already posted. All I could do was comment in the comboxes.

I tried to install Google Chrome and Firefox, only to find that they were incompatible with my laptop.

Then late one night, with fear and trembling, I started fooling around with things. I did so dreading that at any moment the computer would start smoking, or just explode.

But somehow, through the confluence of dumb luck and sheer ignorance, I fixed it, and for the next week I posted on the blog using the laptop. Except I could not cut and paste images, and had to go to the library to do so.

I finally figured that out, but unlike Windows, where cutting and pasting an image consists of right-clicking “copy” and then going to the place you want the image and right-clicking “paste”, with the Mac it requires several steps.

And I still haven’t figured out how to make a link that actually works.

Yeah, Mac is so simple.

I went online and in desperation ordered the book MacBook for Dummies.

And found that most of it is over my head.

Do you realize how stupid I feel, finding a book specifically for Dummies to be unfathomable?

I wonder if they make a book called MacBook for Total Idiots? Or maybe MacBook for Kindergartners ?

Or maybe I can find a class…but as someone certifiably beyond Dummy, I’d probably flunk.

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