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And Reconciliation

This morning, this:

Dear Daniel,

First of all let me say I am sorry for having sent you my first letter asking you for a fine. I realize that was much too strong and so I apologize. I did not mean to cause  you any grief.
I will be riding in the Flint region Sunday.  I was wondering if you would like to meet for coffee for a half hour or so at a nearby restaurant? I would like to meet you, sometime in the mid afternoon. I could call you when I reach Linden if you would give me your number. It is about 15 miles back to Flint, where there is the Brown Sugar Cafe on 432 S. Saginaw St…..or,….if you would drive the 15 miles to Linden, there is the Bear Creek Coffee Cafe on 105 Bridge St. So, how about it?   I will not have internet access to get your response after 11:00AM  today, Friday, as I have to leave for up North. Please let me know this morning.
Thank you.
In Jesus,
Sr. Nancy
My response:

Aw, Sister, that is sweet. While it would be wonderful to meet for coffee, I now live in north central Ohio, and it would be a long drive.

Thanks so much for the offer, though. And your apology is accepted. I really was bewildered by your objection to using your icon, with credit, without profit.

I do regret the sarcasm.



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Nuns and Lawyers


Much to my relief, I received this message this morning from Sister Nancy, who has been threatening me with legal action for using one of her icons in a post two years ago to honor the feast of St Teresa of Avila:

Dear Daniel,

There is no threat of suit. By removing the image you are following the law…which does apply to even icons. There are ancient icons which are in open domain and only those may be copied.  I am being obedient to my superiors by managing the copyrights of my work, which they own. There was no insinuation of sarcasm or trying to gain the higher moral ground. Just doing my ministry as directed. Please do not be offended nor generalize this into “all IHM’s” or whatever. I thank you for your consideration in removing the image.
May God bless us both,
Sr. Nancy Lee Smith, IHM
Then, this evening when I came home from work I was greeted with this:
Dear Daniel,
Your (sic) have put a photograph on your blog from my website. This and all on the site, each page, is covered by copyright protection. I must ask you to please remove it quickly. Each page of my site states at the bottom:
 “All text, images, graphics, designs and other materials on this website (“site”) are subject to the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, copyright 2004. This means no images may be printed or distributed. “
 Please remove it quickly. And yes, my attorney has advised me to request this.
Sr. Nancy
Here is my response:
Dear Sister Nancy,
As you wish. Your copyrighted photo has been removed and replaced by another, uh, image.
I see that you were taught iconography by a Russian Orthodox iconographer. I can only marvel that you absorbed so little of the spirit of this sacred art and are so intent on your property rights. Curious for an iconographer, let alone one vowed to poverty.
God bless you, sister. I hope you get every dime you have coming to you.
This has been very strange; I have not interacted with an IHM sister in 50 years. Sort of vindicates my attitude toward them way back when (except the saintly Sr Lorenzo)….

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