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Advise, Please

I have decided to bite the bullet, mortgage the ranch, do whatever and buy a laptop. That seems the only way I can continue to blog.

Maclin marveled, when I posted that I was taking a hiatus, that I had been able to post as much as I had, what with my work schedule, family size, and iconography habit. The answer is simple: I am up earlier and to bed later than anyone else in the family.  I prefer to write in the morning, before work, but as I have lost access to the computers at the college, which enabled this, I am left with whatever time I can grab at the public libraries.

Hence, the need for a laptop.

But I am at a loss; I am woefully ignorant about technology. So: can anyone recommend a laptop, factoring in affordability, dependability, durability, and ease of use?

Thanks; your expertise is valued.

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