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Dear Friends,


Icon of Holy Silence

It has become apparent that trying to maintain this blog in my current circumstances is not only foolish but irresponsible.

No, the baby has not arrived, to everyone’s surprise but his, but I have a very pregnant wife, kids who are taking turns being sick, with one of the older ones, the most helpful and the one who complains the least, recovering from surgery and not able to help much. And I have been ill, too; one of those persistent summer colds. That, while working overtime six days a week. And what’s more, I have lost access to one of the two places that I can get online, and that the one with more flexible hours. That means I am at the mercy of the limited hours at the public library. Working late, that means that there are a lot of days that I am not able to use a computer. A laptop would solve that, but that is just not affordable for the near future.

I am spread thin, “like butter over too much bread”.

There is a lot I want to write about and discuss here, but until things calm down posting will be sporadic at best, though I will let you know when baby Gonzo makes his entrance.

In the meantime, if you miss me come here, contemplate this icon and pray for my family and me. While there are good arguments against “speculative icons” like this one; ie, icons of preincarnate realities like this one, Holy Wisdom, the Ancient of Days, and my mind is not made up on the question.

But if the sole argument was beauty, this icon would end the debate.



Icon by Vladislav Andrejev

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