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I Was Wrong

Last fall, during the presidential elections, I thought that the reelection of President Obama was a lesser evil than giving the office to the mulitmillionaire, predatory capitalist caricature that is Mitt Romney.

I was wrong; we would have been much better off if Romney was chief executive.

At least there would be outrage.

Aside from a handful of principled leftists, the silence from progressives has been deafening. Mr Obama lulls the left with his hipness, his purported compassion, his phony populism. But he is like the Wizard of Oz: it’s all smoke and mirrors. He has upped Bush and Cheney’s ante and pursued policies that, if carried out by a Republican, would have people marching in the streets.

Romney, on the other hand, made no attempt to appear to be anything but what he was: a pimp for the corporatocracy.

Oh, for an honest villain instead of this fake leftist…

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To the Rescue

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