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Wisdom, be Attentive

Don’t wage your Christian struggle with sermons and arguments, but with true love. When we argue, others react. When we love people, they are moved and we win them over. When we love we think that we offer something to others, but in reality we are the first to benefit.

~ Elder Porphyrios

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Colonel Clueless

I was indulging my bad habit of listening to right wing talk radio the other day when I heard Colonel Oliver North, spouting off about the Muslim threat to our security.

He spoke as if Shia and Sunni were not even now killing each other, as if there were some monolithic Islamic entity intent on reviving the caliphate and yoking us all under Sharia law.

He even said that Tehran was the epicenter of this Islamic threat.

Huh? Wait a minute. Isn’t this the Colonel North who once was convicted of selling arms to the Ayotollahs to fund the Reagan administration’s illegal funding of the Nicarauguan contras? And for lying to Congress? (The convictions were later thrown out on a technicality, ironically through the intervention of the American Civil Liberties Union).

Apparently Colonel North assumes that America suffers from collective amnesia.

And given the record, who can blame him?

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…just never gets old.

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