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A couple of days ago an old friend posted, on Facebook, a quote from Gloria Steinem: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

My response: “I don’t know; we have balls and haven’t made castration a sacrament. And yes, it is analogous. Except, of course, that balls, unlike babies, are not living human beings.”

Later in the conversation I noted that every human act that a sacrament is built on  -eating and drinking, bathing, anointing with oil-  is life-giving or life-affirming. None is destructive.

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Ahem, Mr President

Victim of American drone attack, Pakistan.

President Obama said yesterday “Any time bombs are used to target civilians it is an act of terror.”

Ahem, Mr President. Ahem.

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American Exceptionalism

From Mother Jones:

The US is part of a very small club of nations that don’t require…

And then there is this:

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