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As an iconographer, I can only stand in awe of this Russian artisan’s gift. And the steadiness  of  his hand; small details are the bane of the craft, yet he excels in almost preternatural smallness. From the Orthodox Arts Journal:







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Pastoral life in one of Pope Francis’ slum parishes in Buenos Aires:

“Müller ticked off a staggering set of ministries run out of the Virgin of Caacupé parish:
A recovery center for drug addicts, called the Lugar de Cristo;
Two farms where recovering addicts work and live;
Fifteen or 16 chapels around the neighborhood where priests visit for Masses and confession;
A high school;
A trade school, offering courses in auto repair, electronics, laundry services, computers and other practical job skills;
A home for the elderly;
A soup kitchen (which is in addition, she said, to the fact that everybody knows that if you’re hanging around the parish at lunch time, you’ll probably be invited in to eat with the priests);
A community radio station, which broadcasts 24/7 and which teaches young people the media business;
A community newspaper called The Catholic;
Drug prevention programs, some targeted at paco;
A daily center for kids living in the streets where they can get cleaned up and get a hot meal and help straightening their lives out if they want it.”

More on the pope of the poor, from NCR’s John Allen, via California Catholic Daily (thanks to Christopher Zehnder for this):


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I’m not sure which is worse, the girl’s murderous nonchalance or the mother’s grin…

H-T: Mark Shea

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