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The jonquils are blooming. And the hyacinths, and the daffodils, and…

The spring bulbs had been awake for some time; the translucent shoots had risen from the earth a month ago, looking hopeful and brave.

And then they stayed there, dormant, as we saw the coldest March since I have been in Ohio, almost 19 years. Usually March in the Midwest is a time of tantalizing spring days followed by wintry setbacks, over and over. But there is enough warmth for things to blossom. This year, the lonely shoots began looking forlorn; many of them began to turn brown at the tips.

Unlike the normal hide and seek of March, this year there were only a couple of spring-like days in a month of winter. It was the first March that I did not wear shorts at work, the first without jonquils. It is anecdotal, not scientific, but it seems we are weeks behind; I know last year – unseasonably warm – there were cherry blossoms in March, and the trees had leaves.

But finally, long-awaited Spring seems to be here.

I remember, though, that Elliot called April the cruelest month, so I am not getting too sanguine…

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From the National Catholic Rural Life Conference:

When Congress returns to session after the Easter break, our elected officials are expected to take up immigration reform. Your can join with other people of faith and call for immigration reform that provides a path to citizenship and prioritizes family unity.

  On April 10, faith leaders in the Washington, DC area will be participating in the Faith Advocacy Day and Mobilization Rally. Participants will gather in delegations and meet with decision-makers on Capitol Hill. Later in the day, they will join a larger mass mobilization on the South Lawn of the Capitol and march for common sense immigration reform that provides a pathway to citizenship.
  Not able to attend in person? You can still add your voice by visiting the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops website of Justice for Immigrants and sending an electronic postcard to your senators and representative expressing support for immigration reform.

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