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Walt Disney, War Pig

When you think of Disney, what images come to mind? Cute, talking bunnies, Snow White and Cinderella, sweet bluebirds and Mickey Mouse…

But there was another side to Walt Disney. In 1943 he made this film, “Victory Through Air Power”, a seventy minute feature, with interviews interspersed with animation, a blueprint for terror bombing, a tactic shortly to be adopted by the Allies. These are the closing minutes:

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Pope Francis was the ordinary for Eastern Catholics in Argentina, mostly Ukrainians. From One magazine:

Argentina is home to a thriving Ukrainian community, numbering as many as 300,000 people. Well integrated in Argentine society, the Ukrainian community holds steadfast to its cultural and religious traditions. Not as well organized as Ukrainian communities in North America, most Ukrainian-Argentines focus on the church as the custodian of their cultural identity. About 160,000 people belong to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The rest, apart from a handful of Evangelical Baptists, belong to Ukrainian Orthodox parishes.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Our Lady of Protection, led by Bishop Miguel Mykycej, F.D.P., and his auxiliary, Bishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, covers the entire country and coordinates the duties of 17 priests, who administer the sacraments and minister to the pastoral needs of Ukrainian Greek Catholics in 42 churches.

First established as an exarchate in 1968, the eparchy also guides the many charitable, educational and spiritual works of 88 religious sisters. This includes Hogar Santa Macrina, a home for orphaned girls run by the Basilians in the northern province of Misiones; the home receives considerable support from CNEWA’s donors.

Buenos Aires is home to Argentina’s largest Ukrainian Greek Catholic community and includes four parishes, the oldest of which dates to 1940.

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How Was Your Lent?

Me, I had a very half-fast Lent…

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