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I know, it isn’t yet March. It is far too early to get spring fever.

But with my job, outside most of the day, I can’t help but see the signs.

pIMG_2145_Female_CardinalThe bulbs have shot their brave green shoots up out of the earth for weeks now. As I mentioned, the cardinals started singing again a couple of weeks ago. The other day I got close, about ten feet, to a couple of them. The female is unfairly characterized as plain, as when seen from a distance, or flying, as is most common, she looks drab. But up close she is a beauty: red crown and beak, red in the wings and tail, and shades of gold and green in her feathers.

imagesAnd yesterday I saw my first crocuses, up but not opened. And I saw aconite, the little yellow flowers that are the earliest of all, a few days ago, and snowdrops yesterday.

Crocus-sieberi-ssp-sublimis-Tricolor-01North and west of us it has been snowing, pretty wildly in some places, but here we have had cold rain. The weather reports predict snow by this afternoon, and more as the weekend approaches. It’s still winter, and winter weather can continue in Ohio well into March, or even April, Eliot’s ‘cruelest month”. We could still get a bad snowstorm.

But I see the signs; life is stirring. Spring is coming, whatever our senses tell us. As in mid-Lent we can feel Pascha approaching, so even in the snow we can feel the flowers hidden beneath the white.

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