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Apart from Love

Apart from love nothing whatever has existed, nor ever will. Its names and actions are many. More numerous still are its distinctive marks; divine and innumerable are its properties. Yet it is one in nature, wholly beyond utterance whether on the part of angels or men or any other creatures, even such as are unknown to us. Reason cannot comprehend it; its glory is inaccessible, its counsels unsearchable. It is eternal because it is beyond time, invisible because thought cannot comprehend it, though it may perceive it. 

-St Simeon the New Theologian

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Physician, Heal Thyself



    The doctor prays for the stricken.

The Massillon Independent yesterday reported that faith healer Dr Issam Nemeh made an appearance on Sunday at Walsh University (I had earlier discussed the man and his ministry here).

The paper said over 125 people showed up to have Dr Nemeh pray over them. It sounded like the typical charismatic healing service, with people swooning and falling backwards into the waiting arms of “catchers” (boy, does that take me back).

No healings were reported.

Did I say it sounded like a typical charismatic healing service? Not quite. These seekers paid $95 each for tickets to be prayed over.

Let’s see. That’s around $12,000 for the good doctor. Not a bad afternoon’s take, even for a physician.

Lord, have mercy.

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Food Sovereignty

The impact of the North American Free Trade Agreement has been devastating to Mexican farmers. In 2008, farmers’ organizations drove their tractors on the route Pancho Villa took during the 1910 revolution, traveling from the U.S. border to Mexico City as part of the “Without corn there is no country” and “The land can’t take anymore” campaigns, demanding support for sustainable food production. Photo: David Lauer.

On the movement for Food Sovereignty, from the Other Worlds blog:

From community gardens to just global policy, a national and global movement is growing to reclaim food, land, and agricultural systems from agribusiness and put them back in the hands of citizens. A common thread links innovations and successes happening simultaneously around the globe: a vision of a society that values life and the earth over profit. In the U.S., the parts of the movement have often worked in isolation from each other, but in fact they are all pieces of an inseparable whole. Together, they address:

  • The ability of all to eat adequate and healthy food;
  • The well-being of the land, air, and waters;
  • The fair wages, rights, and health of those who plant, harvest, produce and prepare our food;
  • The need to restore and protect small farms and local food systems;
  • The ability of Native and traditional peoples to control their own land, grow their own food, and preserve their own cultures;
  • The need to privilege the rights and needs of women, as the world’s primary food producers and providers;
  • The right of every nation to control its own food and agriculture; and
  • An end to corporate control of food and agriculture, including an end to trade rules and international agreements that put profit first.

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