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A Handful of Sand


As a handful of sand thrown into the ocean, so are the sins of all flesh as compared with the mind of God.

– St Isaac of Syria

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This was posted on Facebook by something called “Christians Against Obama’s Reelection”. It is along the lines of what I wrote about here.

While no decentralist is a fan of Mr Obama’s, who has continued the concentration of power in the executive branch that began with Bush and Cheney, if you don’t think there is a pretty big gap between what Obama has wrought and loading people into cattle cars to ship out to the death camps, I’m afraid I don’t know what to say to you.

It is like the political ad I saw in the mail last summer, that talked of Obama’s “reign of terror”; as I said at the time, everyone in my town who was guillotined totally deserved it.

And it is like Jim Quinn, the morning talk show host I have talked about before, who makes Hannity look like an intellectual, and Limbaugh look like a gentleman: this morning he referred to Obama as a “tyrannical dictator”. He then proceeded to rail about how we need the freedom to possess assault rifles to resist such tyranny.

Really, Mr Quinn, while I’m sure Mr Obama is up to no good, if he were the “tyrannical dictator” of your imagination you wouldn’t be spouting your arguably traitorous rhetoric and then going home to your comfortable suburban home. You would be  -if you were  lucky –  languishing in prison. Or standing blindfolded before a firing squad, if not.

Or Allan Keyes, the Al Sharpton of the right, with his flier claiming that Jihad is being waged from the White House.

The tragedy with such alarmist rhetoric is that Mr Obama is, indeed, setting dangerous precedent in expanding presidential power. Not least, look at the position paper released by the administration last week, which  justifies the targeting American citizens for assassination via drone attack. No trial. No evidence. Just murder by the State.

 This is, in fact, an egregious attack on traditional rights and the notion of justice. That the citizens thus far killed have been unsympathetic in the extreme does not undo the damage.

One can certainly make the case that the groundwork for tyranny has been set. But to argue that it is already operative, and that it is being carried out by a Muslim, or a Marxist, or a foreigner?  That just destroys your credibility. In particular it causes folks on the left to tolerate things they never would if carried out by a Republican.

The GOP is famously wringing its hands and wondering what went wrong. It is in the midst of serious soul searching.

But to anyone who looks at what passes for discourse on the right it is not a mystery. There is a consistent alarmist and paranoid tone on the right, and most people are just going to roll their eyes, even if beneath the fearmongering you have a legitimate point.



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