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On Blaming the Victim

“There was even something more in addition to these evils, namely that his [meaning Lazarus] reputation was slandered by foolish people. For most people, when they see someone in hunger, chronic illness, and the extremes of misfortune, do not even allow him a good reputation but judge his life by his troubles, and think that he is surely in such misery because of wickedness.”

– Saint John Chrysostom , in On Wealth and Poverty

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Keep It Stupid, Simple

Of course, anyone who is our enemy is the New Hitler; it is the American Way. So to those who think Obama the Enemy Of All That Is Good it is only logical:


Never mind the absurdity that Obama, who has governed Center Right, is no kind of socialist, let alone a democratic socialist, which means direct worker ownership of industry. Mr Obama, for various reasons, including his recent proposals to make assault weapons and 30 round clips harder to obtain than, say, a driver’s license (the first assault weapons ban was under Reagan, who also had a higher tax for the rich) has earned the emnity of the dopey right (as opposed to the responsible right).

And boy, is there more (click image to embiggen):


Further ways that Obama is another Hitler: http://www.policymic.com/articles/23399/hitler-gun-control-10-ridiculous-twitter-reactions-to-obama-gun-control

( HT to Mark Shea…)

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