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A Little Respite

It was suggested in the comboxes that I give my readers a break, after all the election hullabaloo; that I post some beautiful music and images. That is a very good idea, so first click on the video and listen to Rachmaninov’s lovely choral music as you view the icons, which were part of an exhibit in 2011 of the works of participants in the Prosopon School’s workshops.

The Prosopon School of Iconography was founded by Vladislav Andrejev, a Russian born iconographer, approximately 15 years ago. The school has branches in Estonia, Russia and the USA. The Prosopon School received the blessing of the Archbishop of New York and New Jersey, Metropolitan of all America and Canada in 2000. Over the years Vladislav’s iconographic technique and teaching method have undergone development and refinement and as a result a distinct school of painting and interpretation of icons has evolved, which strives to be a continuation of the ancient Russian-Byzantine tradition as well as making a contemporary step in its development. The style is unique and very beautiful…but first, the music:

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