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…they will insist that Mitt Romney must be elected. Even when he has publicly endorsed legal abortion in cases of rape, incest, the life of the mother, and (drum roll for the part you can drive a dump truck through) the health of the mother. No woman considers abortion without being in an incredible state of mental stress. Therefore in the name of mental health Mr Romney assures us that the option is open.

Even when he has a campaign ad touting how flexible he is on the subject. Even when his surrogates assure voters that Roe V Wade is safe:

Did you get that?

“President Bush was president eight years, Roe v. Wade wasn’t reversed. He had two Supreme Court picks, Roe v. Wade wasn’t reversed. It’s not going to be reversed.”

His sister said it. His ad said it. Now another supporter has said it. This election is not about abortion. Make your decision based on the other important issues.

But there will still be way too many “prolifers” who will still tout Romney as the “lesser evil” and idiotic prelates will still say that to vote for anyone else is a sin.

Reliably, the satirists get it right:

Romney Says He Favors Abortion in Cases Where It Makes People Vote for Him

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<:ARTICLE>romney-rally-465.jpgKETTERING, Ohio (The Borowitz Report)—Hitting the campaign trail one day after the arrival of Superstorm Sandy, Republican nominee Mitt Romney tweaked his position on abortion today, saying he now supports it in cases where it makes people vote for him.“I would make an exception for abortion in cases where the life of my campaign is at stake,” he told a crowd in Kettering, Ohio.Sandy, which slammed into the East Coast last night, was such a powerful weather system that it prevented Mr. Romney from changing his position on abortion for twenty-four hours.

“It was important for Mitt to come up with a new position on abortion today,” said his campaign manager, Matt Rhoades. “It sends a message to the American people that in the aftermath of Sandy, things are getting back to normal.”

Mr. Romney made no reference to his comments about eliminating FEMA, which have been declared a disaster area.

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2012/10/romney-says-he-favors-abortion-in-cases-where-it-makes-people-vote-for-him.html#ixzz2B3qF9oaE

Except Mr Romney has indeed revised his position of federal disaster relief, like he revises everything as political expediency demands: the other day (after Mr Borowitz wrote his satire) he said that he would not abolish FEMA, which he said he would do way back  in 2011.

Lord have mercy.

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