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Owen’s Tale

Red Owen, staring down an aristocrat

Pastor’s kid. Working class hero. Former fundy. Former Eastern Orthodox controversialist.  Present-day  Catholic Commie. Autodidact. Ornery.

Whenever Owen White shows up in my comboxes things get interesting; your assumptions are about to get challenged, your presuppositions questioned. You are going to have to think.

Owen has been commenting here for a couple of years or so, and all the while I have been trying to figure him out, reading his comments and posts, and exchanging emails. Though we have never met offline, I consider him a pal, and I believe  he thinks I am the only distributist who is radical enough to meet the Owen Standard of radicalness, who is not bourgeois beyond redemption.

Now, I am pleased to report, he has begun to tell  the story, on his blog, of his intellectual and spiritual journey to the Catholic Church.

I am pretty sure this is not going to be a typical conversion story.

And did I mention that he is a very fine writer? Especially when the subject is his life or his family.

You can read part I here. Then, scroll up the page to read the second part.

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Is love, sweet love. But also…

My children and I have been delighted by how often we encounter Ben Hatke’s graphic novel, Zita the Spacegirl: in libraries, book stores, doctor’s offices, friends’ homes. It is obviously a big hit, and its new sequel, Legends of Zita the Spacegirl, which features a great story and even finer artwork, is bound to be a hit too.

So…what the world needs now is an animated Zita film.With the caveat that it cannot be clay animation or computer animated, but Ben’s drawings brought to life.  The  Zita books were made for animation; heck, even on the page they are so lively that they seem to move.

If you need further convincing, just look at the trailer, composed of still images, for the latest Zita book; it is not too hard to imagine this as animation:


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