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Urban Farming in Detroit



From Yes! magazine:

Detroit renaissance

Nowhere in the United States has urban agriculture taken root as prolifically as in Detroit. Earthworks Urban Farm, Feedom Freedom Growers, GenesisHOPE, Georgia Street Collective, and other community gardens have stepped up to help create a healthier and more self-empowered food system. The Catherine Ferguson Academy for Young Women runs a small farm on the school’s grounds to teach students about nutrition and self-sufficiency. This gardening renaissance has been growing for over two decades since the Gardening Angels, a group of southern-born African-Americans, began growing food and passing their agricultural knowledge on to another generation.

There are more than 1,200 community gardens in Detroit—more per square mile and more per capita than in any other American city. The number of community gardens is just a fraction of the number of kitchen gardens that families grow in yards and side lots. Locals are learning more about nutrition and feeling the health effects of eating the food they grow.
“You’re only as healthy as the food you eat,” says Latricia Wright, a naturopath who champions natural, uncooked, unprocessed foods. “It’s all about the minerals in the food.”

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My pal Ben Hatke’s latest book, a sequel to his wonderful Zita the Spacegirl,  has now been published. And you can buy it here:


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A Film on Urban Farming

In places like Cleveland, Detroit, Youngstown and Flint- depressed urban areas – vacant land is being transformed into market gardens and small farms. Here is a trailer for a film on the phenomenon:


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