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Be Afraid

Coming as it does in tandem with the news that Cardinal Dolan is going to deliver the invocation at the GOP convention, it is too obvious that the intention is to seduce Catholics.

Don’t worry, I’m sure he will still respect you in the morning:

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I resolve not to argue, online or elsewhere, about Paul Ryan. I will not argue with anyone who claims that Ryan’s budget, which penalizes the poor, rewards the rich, and raises military spending, is somehow the epitome of Catholic social thought. I will not argue with anyone who says that Paul Ryan’s mind has been formed by the social encyclicals and St Thomas, despite the documented evidence to the contrary. I will not argue with them when they claim that, in spite of every indication until about fifteen minutes ago, Paul Ryan is not now nor has ever been an acolyte of Ayn Rand.

I will not argue these things because I feel stupid when I do, like I am trying to convince someone that water is wet or ice is cold. I will notĀ  argue these things because they are so evident that to deny them means one refuses to see the obvious.

I will not argue these things because I am tired of wasting my time, tired of banging my headĀ against an ideological wall.

It is sad to conclude that one’s intellectual sparring partners are deliberately blind, that they are not of good will.

But sometimes that is the only conclusion one has left.

Sometimes all you can do is walk away and dedicate a song:

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